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Power Flame Incorporated – Small to Medium Ultra Low NOx Gas Burners from USA.

An innovative and forward thinking force in the commercial combustion equipment industry, Power Flame Incorporated manufactures gas, oil, combination gas/oil, low NOx burners and combustion control systems. Designed for Commercial, Industrial and Process Applications, each one of Power Flame’s products share environmentally conscious designs and are crafted from quality materials by expert staff of dedicated professionals.
Flexibility of choice in NOx reduction techniques is the key to successful emissions control. Combustion chamber geometry and construction, as well as heat release levels are among the more important determining factors in the choice of low NOx application equipment. Heat exchanger designs vary significantly, and the choice of the most appropriate NOx reduction method is an essential element in meeting current and future emissions standards. The Power Flame NOVA concept provides U.L. listed, factory tested packages capable of using a wide range of NOx reduction techniques.
Power Flame engineering will tailor a low emissions burner system to your specific job requirements to provide optimum choice of the most cost effective protocols for your application. Years of dependable performance from hundreds of NOVA system applications have produced NOx reductions in excess of 60% on gas and 40% on oil. The NOVA concept gives you the power of choice. The NOVA concept employs a modular approach for each NOx reduction technique. All Power Flame burners can be field retrofitted by adding the appropriate low NOx module kit to the existing system.


Power Flame UCMAX 9ppm Ultra Low NOx Burner.

The Cmax Burner offers state-of-the-art technology for maximum combustion efficiency and operating performance when firing all types of light oils and gaseous fuels. Designed specifically for today’s firetube boilers, the Cmax burner utilizes a unique firing head design which provides stable combustion over a wide turndown range (10:1 on gas and 8:1 on air atomized oil). Available in multiple sizes (CM9 thru CM14), the burners have a minimum rating of 1,260 MBH and a maximum rating of 92,400 MBH (2200 BHP). Available in a low NOx version utilizing induced flue gas recirculation, the burner provides minimal emissions on gas or oil. The easy access door on the blast tube allows convenient maintenance of the firing head components without disturbing either the fuel piping or electrical connections. The bottom or top-entry gas manifold connection facilitates left or right hand configurations. Modular design concept produces added flexibility for a wide range of optional features. For more information, Click Here.



Power Flame NOVA Plus 9 to 12ppm Ultra Low NOx Burner.

Power Flame’s NOVA Plus™ Burner Power Flame’s NOVA PLUS™ Ultra Low NOx gas burner achieves Sub 9 to 12 PPM NOx emission levels on a wide range of commercial, industrial and process applications. The burner relies on a patented, fully premixed surface stabilized combustion technology to minimize NOx emissions and assure complete combustion with minimal CO emissions. The Nova Plus™ achieves these performance levels without the use flue gas re-circulation. The Nova Plus™ is offered for firing rates between 2,000 and 64,000 MBTU/HR. Custom designs up to 125,000 MBTU/HR are available.
The NOVA Plus is a field proven system (with over 100 operating installations) designed to meet today’s most stringent emission requirements. Power Flame provides a U.L. Listed, factory tested package tailored to your job specific requirements. The NOVA Plus™ is suitable for use on all types of boiler and other heat exchanger applications. It will operate with uniform heat flux and excellent flame stability over a broad range of operating conditions.  For more information, Click Here.
Much of Power Flame’s success is due to a continued commitment to research and development. Power Flame’s engineering staff seeks new technologies and tries new approaches to respond to todays and tomorrow’s energy questions and lower emission standards. The latest findings are promptly incorporated into the current production, constantly maintaining a state-of-the-art product line.

Zander & Ingeström – Medium Voltage Electrode Steam and Water Boilers up to 70MW from Sweden.

A leading supplier of plants for heat and steam. Over the years, Zander & Ingeström have supplied thousands of individual boilers and complete facilities, from a few kilowatts to 150 MW. Zander & Ingeström boilers are characterized by extremely high efficiency, precision and availability.

Zeta Electric Steam Boilers


Produce heat/steam at night and use it during the day
Each time power is lost we are invited on an unwanted trip back to the days before civilization. The entire modern society is dependent on a stable supply of electricity, and it being produced around the clock.
The problem is that electricity cannot be stored, and must be consumed at the same time and the same rate as it is provided.Electricity that is not used is wasted, without doing any good. This happens every night when most electric power-driven machines and appliances are not in use.
Zeta boiler, a future wise investment
An elegant solution to the problem of excess electricity is to allow an electric boiler to convert it to steam or heat that can be utilized in district heating and industrial processes. This is a solution that is highly interesting for power and process industries that advantageously can allow the boiler to work at night when electricity is available at low price.
The world’s best electric boiler is called Zeta, and is manufactured by the Swedish engineering firm Zander & Ingeström in two basic models: a boiler for steam production in industries and power plants, and a model for hot water production in plants and hot water networks.
The electric-powered Zeta boiler thus replaces all heat and steam boilers fueled by oil, coal and other fossil fuels, whose flue gases contribute to global warming and pollute soil and water. Investing in a Zeta boiler is, in other words, also an investment in a cleaner environment.

Zeta Electric Heat Boilers

zeta1.1       zeta hotwater boiler 1

There are two models of Zeta boilers for various customer needs
The ZBVA boiler is based on the same principles as our steam boilers, and consists of an inner and outer vessel.
The power output is directly proportional to the level of liquid in the inner vessel. Since an electric boiler requires a treated water, a water loop is also installed between the boiler and the heat exchanger. The boiler constitutes the water loop’s expansion vessel.
This type of boiler can be used when the minimum load must be low and the control speed high.Load range is 0-100 percent, and the boiler can be on stand-by with the main switch on, without taking any power from the high voltage grid.
The boiler comes with high-ohmic isolated or directly grounded zero point.
We give our customers security in choice of products and system solutions.
Zander & Ingeström have had for a long time a leading position as supplier of larger and smaller electrical boiler plants for heat and steam production. During the years we have installed thousends of constructions ranging from a few KW to complete plants up to 150 MW.
The electrical steam boiler consists of a welded pressure vessel, supplied with connections for water, steam, security valves, and heating elements. The boiler vessel is insulated with mineral wool and covered with plate. Indicators for operation and monitoring are installed, and connected to the apparatus cabinet.
he heating of the water is done with electrical tube elements made of stainless steel placed in the boiler water tank. The tube elements are electrically connected in groups, which by relays, gradually turn the power on or switch it off, thus sustaining the necessary power. The boiler regulates the power in accordance with the adjusted preset value for the outgoing steam pressure. Replenishment of water is done with a feed pump which is controlled by level guards submerged into the boiler vessel. The vessel is manufactured and approved in accordance with valid pressure vessel standards and can also be supplied in ASME performance for an additional charge.
Steam power plant
Zander & Ingeström also offer delivery of feed water tanks, equipment for water treatment, chemical handling and air blower vessels or a complete fully working plant.
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